We're sorry, but the application period has ended for the June-November 2023 Cycle of the Caring for Dependent(s) (CFD) Travel Awards. The next application cycle will open in October for the December 2023 - May 2024 Cycle. Thank you for your interest. 

Caring for Dependents (CFD) Travel Awards - 2023 Jun - Nov Cycle



Is caring for a child/dependent making it harder to travel and advance in your career? 

The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) is pleased to announce the call for Caring For Dependent(s) (CFD) Travel Awards. This $500 award* will help make travel to an academic/society meeting directly related to his/her academic advancement possible. The award is open to faculty and postdocs who have plans to attend a professional meeting between December 2023 and May 2024. Funding is intended to help defray additional care expenses that go above and beyond care needs, (e.g., extended day care, extended elder care, caregiver travel) while the faculty member is traveling.

*Amount is for incurred expenses up to a maximum of $500. A lifetime maximum of two CFD Travel Awards ($1000 upper limit) per person will be allowed.

Please note:
Grant awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) allow for reimbursement of actual, allowable costs incurred for child care. More information
Full-time predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees appointed on NRSA institutional research training awards (such as a T32 training grant or a F32 fellowship) will be eligible to receive support for child care costs. More information



Recognizing that one of the obstacles to career advancement is the challenge of traveling while caring for children/dependent(s), the Center for Faculty Development established the Caring For Dependent(s) (CFD) Awards to help you travel. This award is intended to help defray additional care expenses that go above and beyond care needs, (e.g., extended day care, extended elder care, caregiver travel) while the applicant is traveling to an academic/society meeting which is directly related to his/her academic advancement.

Application Guidelines

  • The CFD Travel Awards provide funding to help make travel to an academic/society meeting directly related to his/her academic advancement possible.
  • The applicant must have plans to attend a professional meeting between December 1, 2023 and May 31, 2024.
  • Faculty/postdoc must apply in advance of the trip that requires support and may not receive support for an event that has already occurred.
  • Please note: only completed applications will be considered.
  • These awards are specifically allocated to the conference and care arrangement stated on your application, and may not be transferred to another academic/society meeting or other care arrangement.


  • M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent advanced degree.
  • Responsible for care of children/dependent(s).
  • Trip must be an academic/society professional meeting for the purpose of advancing your career (e.g., presenting at an academic/society meeting [abstract/paper/poster] or receiving a society award/honor).
  • Faculty must have an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School.
  • Faculty and Postdocs must have a primary appointment at the Massachusetts General Hospital.


Award Expenditures

  • Awards may be used for the following expenses listed in the budget outline on your application:
  • Travel expenses for children/dependent(s).
  • Travel expenses for children/dependent(s)’s caregiver (not family members) during trip with the sole purpose of caring for the children/dependent(s).
  • Expenses for additional child/dependent care at home during the trip.
  • Expenses for child/dependent care at meeting site.
  • Direct child-related expenses (ex. shipping breast milk)
  • Awards may not be used for the following:
  • Conference registration.
  • Personal travel expenses for faculty member or postdoc.
  • Payment to family members (including in-laws) for child/dependent care expenses.
  • Other expenses not associated to the additional care or travel of the children/dependent(s).
  • Support is considered taxable income under Federal Tax Law.
  • Awardees must provide original receipts and/or invoices in order to receive payment under Mass General Brigham Reimbursement Policy, and must attest that these expenses were used for child/dependent travel or additional care.
  • Amount of payment will not exceed $500 of incurred expenses.
  • Documentation of expenses must be submitted within 30 days of the travel return date.


Information requested on the application

  • Meeting/conference information
  • A brief description of how attending this conference will advance your career and academic rank
  • Description of how the $500 will be spent (e.g., extended day care, extended elder care, caregiver travel)

How to apply

The Center for Faculty Development is now accepting applications online via the CFD Award Manager.

This user-friendly system allows MGH faculty and faculty trainees to submit electronic applications to the Center for Faculty Development. The system has been designed to allow users to:

  • Create a personal profile which will auto populate your future CFD applications.
  • View current calls and apply to open opportunities.
  • Assign a delegate to submit an application to the CFD on behalf of the applicant (optional)
  • Save and edit current applications in progress
  • Submit completed applications
  • View all your CFD applications that have been submitted via the online award system

Instructions for Applying Online

To get started, please click the “Apply” button at the bottom of this call.

  • Create your account: Login using your Partners credentials and fill-out the profile information.
  • Complete the application: Once your profile is complete, you will automatically progress through to the online application. If you cannot complete the application at one time, “save” the application and return to it at a later time to finish. Before submitting your application, you will have the ability to make changes to the application.
  • Submit your application: once you have completed the application click on the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. Once you submit it, you will not be able to make further changes unless you send a request to ECOR (note that once the deadline passes, request to make changes will not be accepted).

Useful tips:

  • To avoid losing your work, remember to save frequently
  • You can only upload PDF documents. Limit characters to A-Z, a-z and 0-9 when naming PDF documents. Do not use periods, commas, or dashes in the file name.
  • If you previously created a profile, please ensure your information is current


Click “Apply” below to begin the application.



If you have any questions, please submit them via e-mail to cfd@partners.org.


Applications accepted from 05/17/2023 8 AM to 05/17/2023 11 PM.