Applications for this grant are no longer being accepted.

Leadership Development Program for Researchers 2023-2024

Deadline – Friday, September 22, 2023 - 6:00pm



This course aims to prepare investigators for challenges inherent in establishing and maintaining a successful research program. This 9-month long program features both didactic and interactive sessions. Faculty and trainees who complete this career-development course will sharpen their career focus and gain knowledge regarding the strategies that promote success in leading an impactful research program. The intent is to support the career development of MGH researchers.



1. Faculty, postdoc or graduate student in a research career path at MGH (MD and/or PhD):

  • For faculty: primary or dual appointment at MGH
  • For postdocs: current postdoctoral fellow appointment at MGH
  • For graduate students: primary research lab at MGH

2. Approval and endorsement from immediate supervisor (graduate students, postdocs) or department chair/division chief (faculty).



  • 3 to 5 hours per month, October through June.
  • Regular attendance at the sessions is expected.


  • Leadership in Research
  • Mentoring and Being Mentored
  • Interviewing and Building a Diverse and Inclusive Team
  • Managing Conflict & Difficult Conversations
  • Influencing without Authority
  • Social Media: Promoting Your Research
  • Research Finance
  • Collaborations with Industry & Alternative Career Options
  • Advancing Your Research Program



Application deadline: Friday, September 15, 2023


1. Candidate Letter of intent
Submit a letter describing how this course will advance your career, your short and long-term goals, and what you believe you will offer to the other attendees. (<2 pages, pdf only)

2. Candidate Curriculum Vitae
Your CV (in HMS format if faculty, PDF only) 

3. Endorsement Letter
Submit a letter of endorsement from your immediate supervisor (for postdocs and graduate students) or department chair/division chief (for faculty) attesting to your suitability for the course and support for your attendance. Endorsers will be asked to address the following questions:

  1. What qualities make this an excellent candidate for a course on leadership strategies for the researcher?
  2. What skills do you hope this applicant will gain from attending the course?
  3. Confirm that you consent for and support the applicant’s attendance at all course sessions (3-5 hours per month)?
  4. Please give any additional information you feel important for the committee to consider when reviewing this applicant for consideration.

The above letter must be uploaded confidentially by the immediate supervisor (for postdocs and graduate students) or department chair/division chiefs. For more information on confidential uploads, please see section 3 of the “How to apply” section below.


The Center for Faculty Development is now accepting applications online via the CFD Award Manager.

This user-friendly system allows MGH researchers to submit electronic applications to the Center for Faculty Development. The system has been designed to allow users to:

  • Create a personal profile which will auto populate your future CFD applications
  • View current calls and apply to open opportunities
  • Assign a delegate to submit an application to the CFD on behalf of the applicant (optional)
  • Save and edit current applications in progress
  • Submit completed applications
  • View all your CFD applications that have been submitted via the online grants system

Instructions for Applying Online

To get started, please click the "Apply" button at the bottom of this call.

  1. Create your account: Login using your Partners credentials and fill-out the profile information.
  2. Complete the application: Once your profile is complete, you will automatically progress through to the online application. If you cannot complete the application at one time, “save” the application and return to it at a later time to finish. Before submitting your application, you will have the ability to make changes to the application.
  3. Confidential submission process: The CFD Online Award Manager  has the means of incorporating confidential files.  
    • In the endorsement letter section of the online application - check the box labeled “Will be uploaded confidentially” 
    • When "Will be uploaded confidentially" is checked, a new field will appear for you to provide the Supervisor's name and email address.  Once you "save" or "submit" your application, the supervisor(s) listed will receive an email from "" with a link that will allow him/her to upload the letter. If you choose to "save" (and not "submit"), you will have a choice of sending the email requesting the letter from your supervisor(s) immediately or waiting until you are ready to submit the full application. However once your application is "submitted", an email will be sent automatically to the Supervisor(s). 
  4. Submit your application: Once you have completed the application click on the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. Once you submit it, you will not be able to make further changes unless you send a request to ECOR (note that once the deadline passes, request to make changes will not be accepted).

Useful tips:

  • To avoid losing your work, remember to save frequently.
  • You can only upload PDF documents. Limit characters to A-Z, a-z and 0-9 when naming PDF documents. Do not use periods, commas, or dashes in the file name.  
  • If you previously created a profile, please ensure your information is current.

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If you still have questions remaining, please submit them via e-mail to

Applications accepted from 07/24/2023 9 AM to 09/22/2023 6 PM.