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Anne Klibanski Visiting Scholars Award 2021

Deadline – Monday, May 17, 2021 - 11:59pm




Despite extensive work to improve gender equity in academic medicine, women continue to lag behind men in promotions and leadership positions. This inequity has intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic which disproportionately is affecting women who are tasked with taking on increased childcare and household responsibilities and/or the care of ailing relatives.

One reason for the lower promotion rates of women are impediments to travel for national and international presentations, an activity critical to academic promotion and success. Moreover, women are less likely to be invited to be visiting professors and to give Grand Rounds. The lack of national and international speaking engagements also decreases opportunities to network and seek outside mentors and collaborators, critical to career advancement.

With the COVID-19-related travel bans most Grand Rounds and Visiting Professorships around the country are being conducted virtually. This provides an opportunity to promote the participation of more women in Visiting Professorships by removing the barriers that often prevent women to travel.

The Center for Faculty Development’s Anne Klibanski Visiting Scholars Award will be presented to women faculty clinicians, educators, researchers and female postdocs at MGH, who have shown exceptional promise as leaders in their field and whose careers would specifically benefit from speaking, mentoring and networking opportunities at the national or international level. This award will provide an opportunity to serve as “virtual” Visiting Professor and give Grand Rounds at a national or international institution, organized by the Center for Faculty Development. Moreover, a mentor at the host institution will be identified for the Scholar. The Scholar will also receive professional coaching on presentation and interview skills, as well as a virtual career development seminar series. Anne Klibanski, MD, President and CEO of MassGeneral Brigham, and former Director of the Center for Faculty Development, has been a strong supporter and advocate for female physicians and scientists at MGH. Among many other initiatives, she was instrumental in establishing the MGH Backup Childcare Center and the Claflin Distinguished Scholar Awards, which supports the careers of female scientists at MGH at a critical period in their careers, when primary responsibility for childrearing might otherwise reduce their productivity.




Awards will start June 2021. Visiting Professorships will take place during the academic year 2021/2022. During the year, professional coaching and other career development opportunities will be provided via virtual technology.




  • Primary faculty appointment at MGH
  • Women physicians, clinicians, clinician-educators and researchers
  • MD, PhD, or equivalent advanced degree
  • For the Anne Klibanski Visiting Scholar Faculty Award, applicants must have an academic HMS appointment of Instructor, Assistant Professor or Associate Professor. The appointment must be through the MGH.
  • For the Anne Klibanski Visiting Scholar Postdoc Award, applicants do not need an HMS faculty appointment, but your work must be at MGH.



Applications will be evaluated and ranked by a multidisciplinary Review Committee. Applicants will be notified in June 2021.




1. Topic of Proposed Presentation

2. Overview of proposed presentation(s) (1-page maximum for each presentation, up to 3 presentations.


4. Personal Statement (1-page maximum) – how this Award will further career development and academic advancement, short and long-term goals, current challenges

5. Two Letters of Support:

  • Department Chair, Division or Unit Chief. The letter should include:
    • Potential role of the faculty member in the department/division over time
    • Commitment to continue to support the faculty member in her career development over time
  • Mentor




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